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The Index Wallet Game

Need a user facing interface and bare minimum for an “economy”
Wallet Interface
Different impact tokens circulating
Some sort of mechanism for “marketing” a new token as it is introduced in the experiment
Some sort of mechanism for evaluating the “benefit” from a project on different actors
Some sort of mechanism for informing the user of the “inflation” (or loss of purchasing power)
Some sort of mechanism for informing the user how much new revenue will likely come to them if they increase their valuation
Consumers and Producers
Producers must be in competition
Coordination mechanism - communal commitment (if X other people also value this token at least Y price, I will also value this at Y price)
Maybe some kind of a game? It doesn’t have to be decentralized if it is an experiment
Maybe have players roleplay some kind of a DnD alignment role about economic/valuation strategy?
Give people different resources/skillsets to roleplay with?
Give artificial point scores to when a skillset/resource gets a benefit from a new IC project?
This is kind of looking like an “economy” game engine that maybe other public goods systems could playtest in as well?
What is the simplest game that could simulate an economy given a group of 10-50 players?
“Flat” economy with limited number of players, maybe limited amount of resources as well
Needs competition
Also we can use the game to validate the UX IRL?
Can we “seed” the game so that we can manipulate the economy/actors to validate behaviors given a token adoption and valuation adoption to test?

What questions do we want to answer?
How do valuations propagate in the experiment?
How do we get to steady state?
What happens when a new token is introduced?
What stages of adoption does a token go through?

leads to “What do we need to measure to answer them?”
Global knowledge of the wallet balances and valuations
Needs to be also tracked over time

leads to “What experiments would we want to run?”
emit a new impact certificate to two communities with different levels of benefit (or even inverse benefit, one benefits the other is harmed)
emit an impact certificate that’s a lie (it claims X happened and was beneficial but it did not), give a huge financial incentive to a player to maintain this lie, is it possible to maintain?

What’s missing from the above for a MVP?
I think that’s all of it. By far the most difficult part of all of this will be dealing with the need for competition between vendors. I have no clear idea how we’re going to achieve that. Perhaps the simplest way to achieve this is in the context of a game.
What elements would that game need to have? I have some thoughts myself but I’d be curious to hear yours.

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