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The Game

using what’s known about , find a game (as in game theory) which signal boosts self-invalidating behavior, financially and socially rewards contributors, makes admitting error / being wrong / belief updating feel like an opportunity, and does so without entrenching monied nor powerful players

Oh does this look like exactly what is on the previous page? yeah well that’s because those are all my ideas. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Some things that feel hopeful:
information bounties, bounties in general
funding informative research as a public good (if only we knew how to fund those, you know?)
the principle of precarity: precariousness should be equal to persuasiveness

Some things that feel a bit squirmy:
Schelling point based “fact finding”

[Edit Feb 11, 24] Some further ideas about how this can work have been developed here:
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